About Pelo Dog

About PeloDog

When founder Jen moved to the Vail Valley, she realized something was missing in the Valley – a fun, motivating and inspiring place to indoor cycle like the studios she had grown to love while living in big cities like San Francisco, New York and San Diego. She decided to fix that, and so came PeloDog.

Our Core Values

In creating PeloDog, Jen envisioned these core values. It is our mission to embrace these values with every ride.

Physical Improvement

We are a community dedicated to the common goal of improving our bodies and lives through an intense, yet fun and uplifting indoor cycling workout.

Everyone is Welcome

We are non-judgmental and welcoming to all riders, regardless of age, background and level of fitness and experience. (But, if you happen to be an aspiring Team Sky rider, we promise you’ll get your sweat on too).

Motivating Music

We firmly believe that fitness should be FUN and UPLIFTING. We select motivating and powerful music so riders can connect and fuel their ride with awesome beats.

Authentic Experience

We are committed to a safe and authentic indoor cycling experience. While music is integral to our classes and we often ride to the beat, we save our dance moves for two feet on the ground.

Inspiring Instructors

We are highly trained and inspiring instructors. Our intention is to motivate and inspire you to reach your highest potential.


We believe that greatness can be achieved when people come together. We are dedicated to being your happy place to sweat, play, be fit and be inspired.

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